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20 February 1985
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Hi, my name is Ali. I'm from Michigan, which I've come to realize (bitterly, I'll admit...) is the middle of nowhere. I have two fancy degrees from Boston University, one of which helped score me an awesome job in record time at Enslow Publishers. I'm engaged to a boy who loves me very much, and we have a lovely kitty-witty of many colors. I enjoy all the geeky aspects of life, especially comic books and anime. I also enjoy watching crazy antique shows on BBCA like "Bargain Hunt" and "Cash in the Attic". My supreme goal in life is to cosplay as Ulala from Space Channel 5.

Despite all this, you may actually find me quite pleasant. ;) I don't update my journal meaningfully very often, but I do a lot of fun memes and link to interesting things.

My girls (now +3 boys!):

Also, woohoo!